Happy New Year

I ran and played with my friend Tucker and my Riley over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We had great adventures at the field, wrestled in the backyard, chewed bones, and guarded the front door.

Now I have peepers…

When I finish my nap I’ll be back with many more adventures!


Happy Thanksgiving

I got to go to Graham Creek to play with my Riley and Tucker.
We call it going to the field.
We get to run and play with all of our might!
Sometimes we see other dogs with their humans and play with them too.

A Trip to the Vet

Humans go to doctors and dogs go to veterinarians. vet-2As I sat in the waiting room eagerly expecting them to call my name, I liked watching all the other animals such as cats of all colors, dogs of all sizes, and even some playful ferrets.

vet-3My human dad went with me and told me to be courageous.

vet-visitAfter Dr. Schreiber examined me, I got a treat. I love going to the vet!


Everybody Wears a Collar

When I go out outside my human parents put on my collar and their shoes.

ponderingWhen I come inside, they take off my collar and their shoes.

human collarRiley, do you think shoes are a human’s collar?



Mom: Madison, you need to lay down and take a little nap with Riley.

20170203_134932Madison: But I don’t want to take a nap! I’m not even sleepy. I don’t understand why I have to take a nap every afternoon.

20170203_134922Madison: Well maybe I can stretch out and get comfortable next to my Riley,

but I’m not going to shut my eyes.

20170203_134757Madison: My eyes are so heavy and I have burny peepers.

20170203_134820Madison: Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a few minutes.20170203_134952 (30 minutes later…)

20170722_080609_8438_Madison: That nap felt great! I’m ready to go play again! Yeah for naps!


Little Bunny Friends

captureHere I am with our dwarf bunnies. I call them The Littles. I still live with the little gray bunnies, Cassey and Lillie Belle,. The little brown bunny, named Squirrel, went to live with a little girl who needed him.

madison-and-casseyBunnies are fragile little things, so I have to be very gentle.

paw-and-bunnyMy paw is as big as one of their heads.

madison-and-squirrel-4I lay very still when little bunnies approach, for they can easily be frightened.

madison-and-lilsBunnies are naturally curious.

curious bunnyIf I am very patient and very still they will start to explore me.

Here are some videos of my Littles:




Rainy Days

On rainy days, I pretend my house is a boat and I’m floating on a stormy sea watching the wind and waves from the deck.

Rainy DaysI always have my traveling companions, Pony and Monkey, with me.

Monkey and PonyI usually get sleepy and take a nap on Pony’s back.


My Dinosaur Plant

dinosaur plantI call this a dinosaur plant, because it’s so big a dinosaur could eat it as a salad.

2I like to pretend I’m a dinosaur.

dinosaur plant 3Rawr! I’m a dinosaur eating a big salad!


Lab Friends

Our friend Tucker came to visit for the weekend.


I chased him, and then he chased me through the fresh green field.


We played so hard that we got hot and had to pant to cool off.

20170619_072131_8007I love Tucker, and can’t wait till he visits again.


In the Bunny Garden

garden-friends-3I like to visit my bunnies in their garden on cool mornings.

garden-friends-2Bunnies are active in the evening and early mornings.

garden-friendsI move slowly, so I do not frighten them.


Front Door Peepers

front-doorRiley and I like to hold paws when we watch out the front door each morning.

front-door-peepersSometimes I get peepers and my Riley takes over the watch.


Christmas Toys All Year

my-favorite-things-2I rescued Rudolf from the Christmas decoration box as my mom was packing him away after the holidays. Now he keeps watch for me when I’m asleep.

rudolphEven though it’s not Christmas time, I like to carry Rudolph around with me all year. He likes to stand guard while I eat. I like his cute little hat and scarf.

my-favorite-thingsNow that I have a full belly, it’s time to go peepers and take a nap. Rudolph watches over me while I sleep.


Home Alone

waitingRiley and I always wait at the front door and watch for our humans to return.

waiting-for-humansI like it best when everyone is at home together. I don’t understand why our humans leave the house each morning and stay gone all day. They should just stay home with us and play with us.


Thoughts on Technology

madison-and-ponyI was under the desk with Pony and heard one of my videos being played. I recognized the sounds, but didn’t understand how everyone fit into that little square called a computer. I’ll just stick to enjoying my
play things and leave technology to the humans.


Car Rides

car-rideMy friend Tucker likes to take rides with Riley and me.
We enjoy smelling new scents as we drive with the windows down. 


Outdoor Fun

Dogs need a lot of exercise to keep up healthy and calm.

play-with-meRiley and I run very fast in the field, which my humans call a park.
I like to chase him.

chase-meI also like it when my Riley chases me.

run I love playing outdoors. I am very fast!

field-groupSometimes my friend Tucker gets to come to the field and play with Riley and Me.

chaseHere I am chasing Tucker. Run, Tucker, run!


Seed Face

seed-faceI enjoy running through the tall grass and get seeds all over my face.
I’m Seed-Face Madison!


Bed Fellows

nap-timeRiley is a good bed-fellow. I often curl up on him and rest my chin on his back. bed-fellowsEven if I have my own bed, I will still move over so I can lay closer to my Riley. I just moved from my bed to lay on Riley so we can look like a pile of big puppies.