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eBook: How to Speak Bunny


Join Madison as she learns how to speak a new language from Cassey the Dwarf Bunny. This is a calming night time tuck-in book for children. Vivid color pictures of bunnies and labs that demonstrates how to live peacefully as unlikely friends. This book celebrates differences among unlikely friends as they learn how to communicate with each other. This is the second book in The Adventures of Madison the Lab series. 



Try Madison’s Quiz Game to see how many fun facts you can recall about the story. You can play as many times as you’d like.



Bunnies like to chase and be chased, wrestle, and play fetch like dogs.

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Which bunny taught Madison a new language?

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What did Madison tell the bunny that dogs do when they are happy?

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Who likes to chew bones?

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Who likes to chase each other in a large green field?

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Who wiggles their nose to show interest?

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How to Speak Bunny Quiz Game
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