Madison’s Movies

I was napping with my Riley one morning and Ms. Bunny was checking us out while she explored the house.

Here are two movies that my Riley made with our bunnies. I hope you enjoy!


I visited some a beautiful farm recently with my Riley. We met some friendly cows. At first we didn’t know what to do and were a little nervous, for they were really big. Eventually we settled right in and hung out with them on this windy day.

I enjoyed making this movie with The Littles! That’s what I call our dwarf bunnies. We had just gotten these little bunnies a few days prior to us filming this video. They were still getting used to me and learning that I would not hurt them, but I would eat their kibble.

I was just a puppy in this movie. I helped build a better blanket fort for the bunnies. My human parents put my name as Nalla Bean on the credits and called me that until they figured out my name was Madison! Because I’m Madison!

This is a movie I made with The Bigs – that’s what I call Ms. Bunny and Mr. Toops.
I like hanging out with the bunnies.

Ms. Bunny came over to see what we were doing in our favorite spot…
the front door.

I had to learn to share. Now I understand that sharing can be fun. In this movie my Riley and I share blueberries with the bunnies.

In this movie my Riley and I share kibble with Ms. Bunny and Mr. Toops.

I like to wear my Pumpkin Coat, even when it’s not Halloween. It’s fun to play dress up all year.

Riley and I show you how we enjoy our sweet potato bones. What a nice surprise and delicious treat on a rainy afternoon!

Happy New Year! My human mom let me play fetch in the kitchen for New Year’s Eve since it was so cold and rainy outside that night. I was moping around and needed some fun games to ring in the new year.

Here is a movie in which I made a guest appearance. Ms. Bunny didn’t want me to dig in her hole. I was just a puppy then and she had to teach me. I love Ms. Bunny. In the movie, Mr. Toops tossed me a stick to keep me occupied while he dug in the hole. Mr. Toops is cool!

Here is my Christmas special! Ms. Bunny needed some pinecones to decorate her home for Christmas, so we labs helped out.