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My Favorite Food

Madison Eating

I love meal time. I come running into the kitchen every time I hear out bowls clanking. If my parents get busy during our scheduled meals, I let them know it is time to eat by looking at them so intently that I stare into their souls. Surely they know what I’m thinking.

I really like Blue Buffalo brand dog food. My Riley and I have been eating it since we were puppies. We feel great, our fur is shiny, and we have lots of energy. We even like it dry! When I eat other food it makes my tummy produce weird stuff. This keeps my digestive “systems” healthy. I enjoy all the flavors.

If you’d like to get some, check out this link: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food

Madison Eating

Madison's Rating



  • Tasty
  • Nutritious
  • Lots of flavors


  • Can't think of any.

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