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We are pleased to present the following children’s eBooks that celebrate creative play. In each adventure Madison shares her love for the world around her and everyone in it.

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A Bunny in Every Room

Madison tries to convince Cassey the Dwarf Bunny that it would be a great idea to have a bunny in every room of the house. Cassey considers this proposal and gently explains why this may not be the best idea after all. She and all the other bunnies show Madison what could happen with a bunny in every room. Cassey offers Madison an alternative. This will be the fourth book in The Adventures of Madison the Lab series.

Hide-N-Seek with the Bunnies

Join Madison the Lab as she plays a game of Hide-N-Seek with her bunny friends. This story demonstrates how to play with others who have different abilities and perhaps teach them a new game. This book is perfect for nap time or night time tuck-ins. It contains 70 full-color pictures of real bunnies and a lab engaging in creative play surrounded by the beauty of nature in the bunny garden. This is the third book in The Adventures of Madison the Lab series.


How to Speak Bunny

Join Madison as she learns how to speak bunny from Cassey the Dwarf Bunny. This is a calming night time tuck in book for children. Vivid color pictures of bunnies and labs that demonstrates how to live peacefully as unlikely friends. This book celebrates differences among unlikely friends as they learn how to communicate with each other. This is the second book in The Adventures of Madison the Lab series.



The Adventures of Madison the Lab: A Day in the Life of Madison

Join Madison the Lab as she inspires readers to use imagination to make every day an adventure. This book is ideal for nighttime tuck-ins or rainy day reads. This is the first in a series of books that will provide a glimpse into Madison’s lovely world.

Twas the Night Before Christmas: A Fur Baby Holiday Poem

Free eBook Download (PDF)- Click Here to download

This is our version of the classic poem that features Madison, Riley, and the Bunnies. We lovingly dedicate this eBook to all of our site visitors and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!